Gospel-Centered Discipleship – Jonathan K. Dodson – A Book Review

21 May

I was much anticipating reading this book and I was not at all disappointed.  I was challenged and moved by this work.  Dodson makes a strong case that discipleship is not something different from evangelism, but rather they are one in the same. They are both based upon and empowered by the Gospel.  It is not a situation where evangelism is for the unbeliever and discipleship is for the believer.  They are both growing the process of pressing into the Gospel and growing in it.  We sometimes make way too much of a distinction between the two.

After establishing what discipleship really is, pressing into the Gospel, Dodson moves on to how the Gospel really drives discipleship.  He speaks at length at how the Holy Spirit guides the life of the disciple and how integral the Holy Spirit is to the discipleship process.

The last part of the book focuses on how to apply the Gospel to our lives as a result of discipling.  Dodson also advocates for something he calls fight clubs.  These are gender specific groups of 2-3 that have as their purpose, aiding in each other in the war against sin being waged in our lives.  I love this idea!  I want to try to start these in my church and to see how God can grow people.  This is not another program or new idea.  It is a way of life that revolves around the Gospel.

I encourage you to read this book and apply the truth in it.  I know I will re-read it often.

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