The ESV And The English Bible Legacy – Leland Ryken – A Book Review

11 Jun

I recently read The ESV And The English Bible Legacy as part of the Crossway blog reviewer program.  I really enjoyed reading it.  The depth of insight by Leland Ryken was very impressive.  He really seeks to break down the ESV Bible and to show how it is the latest and the best in the line of great English Bibles that started with John Wycliffe, continued with William Tyndale and saw its greatest fruition with the King James Bible.  Ryken does this by showing how it was translated, its rhythm, and how it is literary in nature.  He compares it to other modern translations, which is one arena where the greatness of the ESV is really seen.  He shows how it stacks up with reviews of other modern translations, and how the ESV is better.

Ryken ends by really examining the ESV according to the criteria he had set forward in the first part of the book.  By doing this Ryken shows that this translation really meets the standard of a great version of scripture, how it is one you can trust shows the original intent of the Authors and how it is easy to read and learn from.  I do encourage you to read this book.

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