Jesus, My Dad & The St. Louis Arch

12 Jun

A post from several years ago about making Christ our center.

22The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.  Psalm 118:22

Today I was talking to a good friend. He was telling me that this next fall he would take his capstone class, as he finishes his bachelor’s degree.  Then as I read this verse, I see that it also mentions the word capstone.  So I began to wonder, what exactly is a capstone?  I decided to look up what the original Hebrew word used here really means.  I found that it literally means ‘head of the corner’, and that it is referring to either a large stone over the door, a corner stone that aligns the corner of a wall, or a keystone in an arch.

I was greatly blessed as a child. My parents took my sister and me to many of the historical landmarks around this nation.  My dad loved to watch the videos of how monuments, such as Mt. Rushmore, were created.  I am sure that you could call him today and he could tell you how the builder positioned the dynamite just right so it would form the faces of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt.  Another landmark that I know for certain my dad could recall the formation of, is the St. Louis Arch.  If you have never seen it, it is majestic.  The river behind it, the gateway city stretched out before it.  It is breathtaking.  One unique feature is, as in all arches, the very center piece is the key to the structure, or the keystone.  Without it the sides would collapse on each other.  It creates the perfect situation for the arch to stay suspended in air.

Jesus, to whom this verse refers, is even more key to our lives.  We all are busy.  We all have many things going on, and are being pulled in multiple directions.  I, for instance, play quite a few roles each week: son, brother, uncle, friend, writer, teacher, and others.  Each of these roles demands my all at times, sometimes, several of them are demanding my all instantaneously.  I know that life is the same for you, and more than likely, even more demanding.  The only way we can keep our lives from crumbling on top of us, is to make Jesus our keystone.  Let Him hold up our life, and be the center of it.

Today leave His footprints by allowing Jesus to bear all the weight, and then living life with Him at the center.

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