Getting Back In The Race – Joel R. Beeke – A Book Review

11 Jul

This is another book I received for free from the great folks at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and it is just as good as Friends And Lovers also by Beeke available from Cruciform.  Then again everything I read by Beeke and everything I have read published by Cruciform has been of high quality and contained depth.

The first thing that really struck me from this book was Beeke’s definition of backsliding.  He says not every sin is an instance of backsliding.  Rather a season of habitual unrepentant sin is a mark of a backslidden believer.  He goes on to declare that our life as believers will be a life of sin, repent, believe, grow, sin, repent, believe more deeply, grow and points out that this is what the Beloved Apostle John says in his first letter.  I think this is key because to really know how to deal with a backslidden person we have to know what constitutes one.

As for the way back for one that is backslidden, it is really the Gospel.  It is pressing in deeper and deeper into Christ.  It is confessing your sin/s into your community of believers and letting them help the Gospel work deeper and deeper into you.  The thoughts Beeke proposes are not groundbreaking and new, but they are wise and solid.  We do need to heed them, and deal with our sin in the manner he lays out, whether we are completely in a backslidden state or not.

I found this short book very full of meat and I am sure you will to, so head on over to the Cruciform Press website and order this book today.

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Posted by on July 11, 2012 in Book Review


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