Why Are We Letting Wormwood Win?

24 Jul

Yesterday morning I mowed my lawn.  I had been needing to for awhile, but had been putting off until I could do it early in the morning.  Normally, I mow my front yard, then weed-eat front and back, then mow the back.  Well yesterday I did it different.  I weed-eated the back, then the front, mowed the side, the back, then the front.  When I got to the front yard I started mowing in a different spot than normally.  I noticed that as I went about my yard work things seemed out of whack to me because I was doing it all different.  That got me thinking about how accustomed to routine we all are.  We like things to be consistent whether we admit it or not.  We tend to do things in a similar fashion all the time.

This morning I want to address something that has tragically become routine and consistent in Evangelicalism.  That is the cannibalization of our own.  Yes a certain recent controversy in the blogosphere got me thinking about this but I do not want to address that here.  I want to address an underlying issue.  It seems we waste way too much time attacking each other for not being just like us (I praise God none of you are just like me!), while we fail to spread the Gospel to others in the world?  Why do we do this?  Why are we just giving the war away?

We can and must do better than this.  We have to come together for the Gospel and quit attacking each other all the time.  So today before you post that status, send that tweet, or publish that blog, consider if it is building the Kingdom or dividing it, no matter how clever and humorous it is.

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Posted by on July 24, 2012 in Church Planting, Culture, Ministry


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