Killing Calvinism – Greg Dutcher – A Book Review

06 Aug

I did not know what to expect really when I started to read this book.  From the praise of the endorsers I figured it would be good, but did not expect it to rock me to the core as it did.  Dutcher writes as one from inside the movement of Reformed theology.  He has a heart for the doctrines of Grace and is concerned about some troubling trends he and others see affecting Calvinism.  I share many of these concerns and was moved deeply by Dutcher’s ways of addressing them.

He says we need to view Calvinism for what it is.  It is a system and a lens with which to understand and see the beauty and wonder of the Gospel.  It is not the primary thing, rather a pathway to the primary thing.  We need to constantly be reminded of this truth.  All of the 7 other ways of killing Calvinism from within really stem from this one of loving Calvinism for itself.  When we use Calvinism as a tool to understand the Gospel more clearly, then we will not be a theologian instead of a disciple; we will love God more than sovereignty; we will have a sense of urgency in Evangelism; and we will be humble and willing to learn from all.

I recommend this book to all of my reformed brothers, read it and then read it again.

I received this book in Kindle form for free from Cruciform press for the purpose of reviewing it.

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