A Grow A Date, A Paperclip & The Kingdom Of Heaven

17 Aug

A post from several years ago about growing in Christ

31He put another parable before them, saying, “The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed that a man took and sowed in his field. 32It is the smallest of all seeds, but when it has grown it is larger than all the garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches.” Matthew 13:31-32

Several summers ago I spent a week in southwestern Colorado at a state university for a Christian youth camp. I was there with as a sponsor for a group from my best friend’s church. On the bus ride there, I had been joking around with both him and his wife that I might find the perfect girl for me during the week. Well one evening as we all met for dinner in the cafeteria I sat down and immediately my friend’s wife told me she had found the absolute perfect woman for me. I perked up and was like who is she? Where is she? Then my friend reached into her bag and pulled out a grow-a-date doll she had bought in the campus book store. It was probably about an inch or two long, and on the back of the package it had instructions for growing it. The instructions said to leave it in a semi-full bathtub overnight, so I assumed it would possibly grow big enough to fill the tub. Well, several weeks later I was bored one night so I filled the tub with some water, and put Helga, that is what the youth in my group had named her, in the tub. The next morning I was more than slightly disappointed to discover that she had only grown to maybe a foot in length if that.

It is rare in life that something very small becomes something big. Yes, there are those exceptions like the guy that wanted a house so he traded a red paperclip for a fish pen, and then the fish pen for a sculpted door knob and just kept trading up until he exchanged a movie role for a house. The whole thing took a year and involved fourteen different trades. I think the reason this story, and others like it, are so fascinating is because it never seems like something so dramatic and big happens to you and me. We get caught up in thinking that we are just continuing our mundane every day life and are part of something small and insignificant.

We can be part of the biggest and greatest story in the entire universe though. We can part of God’s kingdom. There may be times when we feel weak or timid, and think that we are not capable of playing a real role in His Kingdom story. There may be times when our faith seems small, maybe even very small. It is in those times that we must remember that God’s Kingdom is like the mustard seed and can start small but blossom into a tree that is the largest plant in the garden, so large that birds can nest in it.

It is my prayer that God is growing His Kingdom inside each and every one of you today.

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