My Roles & The Gospel

21 Aug

Several months ago I attended a weekend conference and read a book associated with it, and it wrecked my life.  The conference was for Gospel Coach by Scott Thomas, you can read my review of the conference here, and my review of the book here.  Daily I have thought about one specific part of the book/conference.  That is the Gospel Life plan.  It has completely changed how I view everything in my life.  Because of this I have redefine all of my roles in life and simplified them and focused on them, here they are.


First and foremost I am a believer.  I am a follower of Christ and because of this I daily seek to press deeper into the Gospel to grasp it’s width and depth daily.


I am a husband to Stephanie.  This means that I need to pursue her and love her well.  This means that I love her as Christ loves me and I extend grace and mercy to her and sacrifice myself for her.  It means I date her and draw her continually to place of safety and comfort.


I am a Daddy to my kids.  This means I teach them about Jesus and the Gospel, and it means I show them my need for the Gospel in my own life.  It means I play with them and love them well.


I am called to proclaim the Gospel of Christ.  This means that I am called to pastor and plant a church.  For me it also contains a call to write and seek the proclamation of the Gospel that way.

This is what my life is.  Now I do also have friends and interests, such as sports, reading, etc.  But this is what life boils down to for me.

I encourage you to nail down what your roles are as well, and how the Gospel directs those roles.

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