Cruciform – Jimmy Davis – A Book Review

24 Aug

We hear so much about the Gospel anymore.  Go peruse the local Christian bookstore, or even the Christianity section at Barnes & Noble and you will find many titles about the Gospel; how deep is it, how explicit should we be with it, what is it, how it can awaken  us, what it looks like in various forms of ministry.  Scan the top Christian conferences and you will find they are mostly centered around the Gospel.  All of this is good!  No in fact all of it is GREAT!!!  We need to be centered on the Gospel.  I have read and reviewed all of these books.  I have followed these conferences.  I am on board with the Gospel movement wholeheartedly.  Yet what does it really mean to live out the Gospel?

That is a question I have had throughout all of the recent Gospel resurgence.  We talk so much about it but what does it look like?  How do we do it?  Very early in my ministry I made a commitment to always be practical, in that I show people and tell them what it looks like to live out scripture.  So I have been seeking this for myself in this movement.  Well this little book by Jimmy Davis is the answer to this.  In it he lays out what it really means to live a life informed by and shaped by the Gospel.  This is not just a book to read though, rather it is a book to live out and experience.  I do encourage you to order it from Cruciform or to purchase it on your e-reader today!

I received this book in Kindle form for free from Cruciform press for the purpose of reviewing it, and am not required to give a positive review.

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