The Direction Of The Gospel

28 Aug

Have you ever really thought about the direction of the Gospel?  Is it simply a vertical relationship between me and God?  Is it a horizontal thing that changes how I interact with the world?  Is it both?  Is it something different?

I have been thinking about this a lot recently.  I know it is a vertical relationship primarily.  It is God drawing me to Himself, offering me His irresistible Grace and doing what I could not do in cleansing my depraved self.  But is it simply that?  Is it just something of a book-keeping transaction that just transfers my name from the list of the dirty to the list of the clean?  That makes the Gospel seem shallow.  I know it is deeper than that!   Ok so the vertical nature of the Gospel extends deep, but how deep.  Well Paul said it was the one thing he sought to know, and that it was a deep and profound mystery.  So I think it is very deep and that we can never find the end of it.

Then is that just it?  Is the Gospel just a very deep vertical relationship?  Does it have nothing to do with how I interact with and treat others?  It seems like it should.  In fact the deeper I go with the Gospel, the more it changes me and changes how I live horizontally.  Hmmm, maybe I just answered my question.

The Gospel is a vertical relationship, but that is not all it is.  It is a very deep vertical relationship that changes everything about the way one lives as they grow deeper in it.

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Posted by on August 28, 2012 in Culture, Ministry


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