Combs, Watch Chain, Pearl, Or God?

30 Aug

A post from several years ago about Christ as our treasure.

45“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls, 46who, on finding one pearl of great value, went and sold all that he had and bought it. Matthew 13:45-46

I like to read; books, newspapers, magazines, novels, short stories, plays. I like to read almost anything. I think it makes me a better writer to read other’s work. I really like reading older novels and short stories, especially from several authors from the first part of the last century. Hemmingway. Gatsby. Faulkner. Steinbeck. Fitzgerald. One of my favorite short story writers is O’Henry. His real name was William Sydney Porter. He wrote many short stories about life in America, most of them while he was incarcerated for various embezzlement charges. One of his most famous stories is probably The Gift Of The Magi.

The story is about James and Della Young. They are a young married couple and do not have much money to buy each other Christmas presents. Della has her beautiful long hair cut off, and then sells it to buy James a gold chain for his prized pocket watch. James sells the watch to buy Della combs for her hair. I think I first read this story during my sophomore or junior year of high school. I just reread it a few minutes ago. The beauty and intimacy of the love it tells of has always stirred emotions deep within me.

These two verses stir those same emotions on a much deeper level. Like James and Della, this merchant sold something great to buy something more valuable. He sold more than just a prized possession though; he sold all. He cared about nothing besides the pearl. Della cared only about making James happy. James desired nothing other than his Della and her joy.

Jesus is saying that is how the Kingdom of God is. It requires our entire and complete devotion. God is not to be the top priority in life; He is to be our only priority! Too many times we put God among other priorities in life and have a variety of things we consider important. We fail to make His Kingdom our singular focus in life.

Today I hope you are making God the only priority and source of devotion in life. That is the only way you will leave His footprints.

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