Bloodlines – John Piper – A Book Review

24 Sep

I grew up in a very racially tense town.  My grandparents and older uncles and aunts and even some cousins used the word colored to describe African Americans.  I cringed every time I heard it and still do.  My hometown was still very segregated when I graduated high school; roughly 90+ percent of the black population lived in one neighborhood in town.  A shooting that claimed the life of one of my closest friends from elementary school the summer before my senior year set off a few weeks of very tense race relations, because the shooter was white and the deceased young man was black.  So I know what it is like to grow up around racism.  The May Sunday in 1996 when my high school held our Senior Baccalaureate service my mother invited my two closest friends over to our house for lunch.  She also invited my grandparents.  I thought my mom’s mother was going to have a heart attack when she saw my friend Greg walk through the door.  I am sure she was thinking why is a black boy walking into this house.

Perhaps this previous paragraph has been difficult for you to read.  I hope it has.  I hope it has stirred up a level of righteous indignation for the racism I have witnessed from my hometown and my family.  We need to say the hard truths regarding this.  We need to quit avoiding it and attack this issue head on.

Attacking the issue head on is exactly what John Piper does in Bloodlines.  It will make you uncomfortable at times.  That is ok.  It should.  It will either make you hot with anger or you will feel conviction for your own feelings and sinful thoughts, or maybe a mixture of both.  Read this book.  Seek racial reconciliation through the power of the Gospel as you can.

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