The Value Of A Smile

22 Oct

Have you ever been somewhere, perhaps a coffee shop, or a bookstore, maybe out on a date with your spouse or shopping for groceries and you receive really great service but the waiter, or barista, or cashier never smiles? Kind of makes the service less than memorable doesn’t it? Now what about the reverse, how many times have you received less than the best service but with a constant smile and you were able to overlook some minor things. Now what about horrible service and no smile; that you definitely remember. I bet you also remember the times you got great service complimented with a good smile.

There is something about a smile that leaves a lasting impression on others. It can brighten someone’s day. It can also be a conversation starter that can give you an opportunity to share the Gospel with others. So today share a smile with all you can.

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Posted by on October 22, 2012 in Culture, Life, Ministry


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