Living With Purpose

25 Oct

A post from several years ago about life.

15just as the Father knows me and I know the Father; and I lay down my life for the sheep. John 10:15

Why did Jesus come? Why did He ever set foot on this earth as a man? I think this verse answers that question fully. He came to lay down His life. Earlier this year we looked at how Jesus’ coming did not meet the expectations of the first century Jews, today lets look at how this central purpose affected all of Jesus’ life.

I just finished watching season five of 24. The Vice President from season four was the President for this day’s events. He made many decisions during that twenty-four hour period that dumbfounded and confused others in the administration. He would reverse course on earlier decisions many times, usually with little or no explanation other than “I am the President of the United States”. In the end he is found to have been behind all of the day’s events and the viewer realizes that all of his actions have been a part of covering his own corruption and protecting himself. He had a very clear and defined purpose for his deeds.

Jesus lived the same way. He had a very clear and defined purpose for His time on earth and just as the character from this television show, Jesus’ purpose was not always clear to those around Him. They did not always understand why He said what He did, or acted like He did. But in retrospect they all began to understand. Jesus’ purpose permeated everything that He did in life. Every word and every action was part of the journey to the cross to lay down His life for us.

We need to live the same way. Much too often I become caught up in the mundane or the ordinary and get sidetracked from God’s purposes for my life. I imagine that it is the same for many of you. We need to make His purposes and His glory part of every thought and of every action.

I commend you to leave His footprints today by revolving your life around His desires for you.

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