Update On Life

02 Nov

I feel like it is time to share an update on life.  It has been several months since doing so.  They have been a very productive and good few months.  There has been some needed clarity on some issues with church planting and I am excited about the next few years and how God is leading.

In August I started meeting with and assisting Jeff Lawrence with the plant of Redemption Church in Edmond, OK.  I do not think we have ever nailed down an exact title or role and that is ok.  I am helping do some leg work for the church plant as well as learning a lot from Jeff about being a planter.  We are building a friendship and I am thankful for God crossing our paths.

I will continue managing and doing the outside sales gig at Chick-fil-A until we move and be assisting with Redemption Church during that time as well.  This will more than likely take us through the end of 2013.  However in the Spring of 2013 I will begin to do some light fundraising for the church plant in preparation for really stepping up the fundraising efforts during the summer months of 2013, so that we can hopefully reach some needed goals by next fall that will also us to transition to Owasso early 2014.

Which that brings me to the largest point of clarity in regards to church planting and that is that we will be planting in Owasso.  We flirted with the idea of the Dallas metroplex for awhile, and even briefly with the thought of Kansas City, but God has just driven home to both Stephanie and I that we are called to Owasso.  Knowing this is going to allow me to focus in on already uncovering some needs and moving towards connecting with potential partner churches and developing the vision for Mission Stone even further.

After the first of the year I will start working through my Acts 29 application paperwork again.  I am not going to rush that as I was trying to do in January and February of this year.  As we meet some of the initial fundraising goals in the Spring we will make some technology purchases as well as start to print some materials for the church plant that I can use as I go to potential partner churches and potential significant seed donors in the summer of 2013.

It is exciting.  It is scary.  I know I cannot do any of this.  However yesterday right after I got to work I was sharing some of this information with one of my co-managers and he just shared Luke 1:37 with me.

37For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37

I needed to be reminded of that truth and I know this whole process will necessitate me continuously yielding to God at every step.

Finally, the family is good.  Bo is walking.  Lorelai Vivian will be here in a few weeks.  Stephanie and I are both ready to hold our baby girl.  Thank you for all your prayers.

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