Gospel & Present Receiving

19 Dec

Number seven in the Gospel series is here today and it is a mirror of last weeks’ posts in a sense.  This week we are looking at how the Gospel impacts us as we receive presents.  A few months ago my wife and I were out shopping with her mom when my mother-in-law said something that floored me.  She said she had no clue what to buy Monte (her other daughter’s husband) for Christmas but that I was easy to buy for.  I laughed because I have not really ever heard that before.  She went on to say that it was because I always give people lists of the things I would like.  I admit it, I do do that.  I normally put things I would never buy myself or something that I will greatly use like a new commentary or something.  The past few years I have been so blessed and have been given so much at Christmas or my birthday.  I have never felt that I had to receive everything on the list and many times something I get that I had never asked for or considered winds up being one of the most meaningful or used presents, like a Starbucks gift card, or a wooden pen.  In all of it one of the things I have learned better over the past decade and a half since graduating high school is how to receive gifts humbly and with gratitude.  You see as believers we have all been given the greatest gift ever, one we never will deserve.  Because of that we can enjoy life and enjoy both giving and receiving gifts.  Please keep this in mind as you celebrate this month.

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Posted by on December 19, 2012 in Culture, Gospel, Life


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