31 Dec

2012 is ending.  Like any other year it was a year of change and ups and downs.  It was a year that brought sadness and joy, life and love.  As we say goodbye to this year we also have the privilege to say hello to 2013.  It will be another year that brings change and highs and possibly lows, but it is another year to spread forth the Gospel and the truth of Christ.

As we close out this year and begin a new one I want to focus on the future of this site.  This past year I made a commitment to post every Monday-Friday.  It was a lot of work.  I enjoyed it.  I explored some new issues.  I more deeply explored some previously touched on topics.  I read a lot of books, wrote a lot about them.  Opened some wounds that I did not know existed for a post.  Celebrated my family, and it growing, with you through these posts. It has been an eventful year of posting five days a week and I enjoyed that experience.

I am not going to post that frequently this year.  I cannot tell you what will take place all year long, but I do know I am going to post less and make them deeper and longer.  I am still going to do book reviews.  I am also going to spend the first couple of month exploring some issues that really consume me.  For the next month I am going to be posting at least weekly on Gospel Conversations.  I am going to post about what it would look like and what it would mean if the Gospel was a normal part of our speech.  Then in February I am going to focus on the Gospel and Race.  I am hopefully going to have some guests posts during this time and explore some very deep issues that need to be openly discussed in the church today.

What happens after that?  I am not sure.  If you have any topics you would like me to consider please let me know.  Thanks for reading this past year.

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