New Direction Of PastorTodd78 in 2013

10 Jan

I had some plans already formed for the blog for this year.  I was planning on posting less, doing some month long series and continuing with some routine book reviews.  Well that has all changed.  Some parts of my plan are the same.  I will be posting less, and still doing some book reviews.  However I am not going to plan out any posts or doing many month long series if I do any at all.  The reason for all of this?  I want to take some pressure off my plate.  I feel that at times I am rushing around to get everything done and I am short changing other areas of my life, including my personal time with God and time with my family.  I also have been asking myself for whom am I writing?  I started this blog when I was pastoring my last church and I still feel that writing is an extension of my pastoral ministry.  Given this I am slowing down posting a lot until further down the road in the church planting journey.  I hope you will still read my occasional thoughts as I share them.  I do believe that if I post less they will be better posts.

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Posted by on January 10, 2013 in General


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