ESV Gospel Transformation Bible – By Crossway – A Book Review

19 Nov

I have purposefully waited almost two months to do this book review.  I did not want to rush the review of a Bible.  Instead I wanted to give myself adequate time with it to give a complete review.  So for the past 6 plus weeks I have carried the ESV Gospel Transformation Bible as my main Bible and used it in church, small group, personal study and to read.  I want to say this first.  I am very impressed with this Bible.  I have really grown from using it.  Any faithful study of scripture is a good endeavor and using a Bible that constantly points to Jesus and the Gospel at every point just enhances that.

I do want to address something I saw before this Bible was released by Crossway and that is that I saw some social media postings showing unease and alarm for this particular work.  Now these concerns were not the work of the typical blogger living in his mother’s basement all hopped up on Mt. Dew and video games, not these were from pastors and others actively involved in ministry.  I can say unequivocally that I have found no reason for this after almost two months using this Bible daily.  I think there are several points where all of these concerns should be dismissed. First this is God’s Word, we can trust it and trust the Holy Spirit to continue to use God’s Word to transform lives.  Second this Bible is produced by a very reputable publisher in Crossway.  Third we can look at the list of study notes contributors and rest easy as we see men and women who are faithful to God’s Word and to the work of spreading the Gospel.

Overall I think this a great Bible for anyone looking to really let the Gospel take hold of your life.  But like with any Bible you have to read it, study it, and let it change your life.

I received this book in from the publisher, Crossway, for the purpose of review with no requirement to write a positive review.

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