Book Reviews

Jon Acuff – Stuff Christian’s Like

Jon Acuff – Gazelles, Baby Steps And, 31 Other Things Dave Ramsey Taught Me About Debt

Randy Alcorn – Heaven

Randy Alcorn – The Treasure Principle

Brad Allen – Catch The Wind

Joseph Anfuso – Message In A Body

Ben Arment – Church In The Making

Aaron Armstrong – Awaiting A Savior

Aaron Armstrong – Contend

Mark Batterson – In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day

Mark Batterson – Wild Goose Chase

Voddie Baucham – The Ever-Loving Truth

Voddie Baucham – Family Driven Faith

Voddie Baucham – What He Must Be

Voddie Baucham – Family Shepherds

Richard Baxter – The Reformed Pastor

Richard Baxter – The Godly Home

Joel R. Beeke – Friends And Lovers

Joel R. Beeke – Getting Back In The Race

Joel R. Beeke – Living By God’s Promises

Joel R. Beeke & James A. La Belle – Living Zealously

Joel R. Beeke – Taking Hold Of God

Jim Belcher – Deep Church

Rob Bell – Velvet Elvis

Rob Bell – Sex God

Rob Bell – Jesus Wants To Save Christians

Rob Bell – Love Wins

Kenneth Berding – Walking In The Spirit

Graham Beynon – Planting For The Gospel

Ken Blanchard – Lead Like Jesus

Ken Blanchard – The Most Loving Place In Town

Andrew Bonar – The Biography Of Robert Murray McCheyne

Chad Owen Brand – One Sacred Effort

Thomas Brewer – God Moments In Time

Jerry Bridges – The Pursuit Of Holiness

Jerry Bridges – Who Am I

Bob Briner – Roaring Lambs

John Bunyan – Grace Abounding To The Chief Of Sinners

Todd Burpo – Heaven Is For Real

Gracia Burnham – In The Presence Of My Enemies

Gracia Burnham – To Fly Again

Justin Buzzard – Date Your Wife

D. A. Carson – Entrusted With The Gospel

D. A. Carson – Scandalous

D.A. Carson & Timothy Keller – The Gospel As Center

Francis Chan – Crazy Love

Francis Chan – Forgotten God

Francis Chan – Erasing Hell

Matt Chandler – The Explicit Gospel

Matt Chandler, Josh Patterson, & Eric Geiger – Creature Of The Word

Tim Chester & Steve Timmis – Total Church

Tim Chester & Steve Timmis – Everyday Church

Tim Chester – Gospel-Centered Marriage

Tim Chester – A Meal With Jesus

John Claypool – Tracks Of A Fellow Struggler

Bill Clem – Disciple

Henry Cloud – Necessary Endings

John Collins – Did Adam And Eve Really Exist?

Paul Copan – When God Goes To Starbucks

Mike Cosper – Rhythms Of Grace

Stephen R. Covey – The 3rd Alternative

Larry Crabb – Real Church

Sam Crabtree – Practicing Affirmation

Crossway – ESV Gospel Transformation Bible

Jimmy Davis – Cruciform

Mark Dever – 9 Marks Of A Healthy Church

Mark Dever – Preaching The Cross

Mark Dever – It Is Well

Kevin DeYoung – Crazy Busy

Kevin DeYoung – Why Our Church Switched To The ESV

Kevin DeYoung – The Hole In Our Holiness

Kevin DeYoung & Greg Gilbert – What Is The Mission Of The Church?

Hayley & Michael DiMarco – Die Young

Jonathan K. Dodson – Gospel-Centered Discipleship

Mark Driscoll – Radical Reformission

Mark Driscoll – Confessions Of A Reformission Rev.

Mark Driscoll – On Church Leadership

Mark Driscoll – On The New Testament

Mark Driscoll – Vintage Jesus

Mark Driscoll – Vintage Church

Mark Driscoll – Religion Saves

Mark Driscoll – Death By Love

Mark Driscoll – Doctrine

Mark & Grace Driscoll – Real Marriage

Mark Driscoll – Who Do You Think You Are?

James G. Duesing – Upon This Rock

Greg Dutcher – Killing Calvinism

Jonathan Edwards – Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God

John Eldredge – Sacred Romance

John Eldredge – The Journey Of Desire

John Eldredge – Wild At Heart

John Eldredge – Waking The Dead

John Eldredge – The Way Of The Wild Heart

Stasi Eldredge – Captivating

Elisabeth Elliot – Quest For Love

Zack Erswine – Sensing Jesus

Jonathan Falwell – Innovate Church

William P. Farley – Outrageous Mercy

Dave Ferguson – The Big Idea

Sinclair B. Ferguson – In Christ Alone

Elyse Fitzpatrick – Give Them Grace

Richard Foster – Celebration Of Discipline

Richard Foster – The Challenge Of The Discipline Life

Richard Foster – The Freedom Of Simplicity

Gregory Reed Frizzell – Biblical Patterns For Powerful Church Prayer Meetings

Gregory Reed Frizzell – How To Develop A Powerful Prayer Life

Gregory Reed Frizzell – Returning To Holiness

Gregory Reed Frizzell – Releasing The Revival Flood

Gregory Reed Frizzell – Dynamic Church Prayer Meetings

Gregory Reed Frizzell – Iceberg Dead Ahead!

Gregory Reed Frizzell – Powerful Prayer For Every Family

Gregory Reed Frizzell – Praying God’s Heart In Times Like These!

Gregory Reed Frizzell – Restoring Our First Love

Gregory Reed Frizzell – Overcoming The Corporate Sins Of Modern Churches

Gregory Reed Frizzell – 40 Days Of Seeking God

Gregory Reed Frizzell – Saved, Certain, And Transformed!

Greg Gilbert – What Is The Gospel?

Louie Giglio – i am not, but i know I AM

R.W. Glenn & Tim Challies – Modest

J.D. Greear – Gospel

Craig Groeschel – Going All The Way

Craig Groeschel – Confessions Of A Pastor

Craig Groeschel – It

Wayne Grudem – Systematic Theology

Wayne Grudem – Bible Doctrine

Wayne Grudem & Barry Asmus – The Poverty Of Nations

James M. Hamilton Jr. – God’s Glory In Salvation Through Judgment

James M. Hamilton Jr. – What Is Biblical Theology?

Hank Hannegraaff – Christianity In Crisis 21st Century

Joshua Harris – Dug Down Deep

Dave Harvey – Am I Called? The Summons To Pastoral Ministry

Jennifer Hatmaker – Interrupted

O. S. Hawkins – The Pastor’s Primer

Michael A. G. Haykin – Rediscovering The Church Fathers

Justin & Lindsey Holcomb – Rid Of My Disgrace

Michael Horton – God Of Promise

Michael Horton – Christless Christianity

Brad House – Community

Tim Keller – The Reason For God

Tim Keller – The Prodigal God

Tim Keller – Counterfeit Gods

Tim Keller – Generous Justice

Tim Keller – King’s Cross

Tim Keller – Center Church

Thomas a’ Kempis – The Imitation Of Christ

David Kinnaman – You Lost Me

Dave Kraft – Leaders Who Last

Dave Kraft – Mistakes Leaders Make

Heath Lambert – The Biblical Counseling Movement After Adams

Carolyn Larsen – God Is Great: A Toddler’s Bible Storybook

Greg Laurie – Finding Hope In The Last Words Of Jesus

Brother Lawrence – Practicing The Presence Of God

Trip Lee – The Good Life

C. S. Lewis – Mere Christianity

Martin Lloyd-Jones – Preaching & Preachers

Martin Lloyd-Jones –The Cross

Bryan Loritts – A Cross-Shaped Gospel

Casey Lute – But God

Erwin Lutzer – Pastor To Pastor

John MacArthur – The Second Coming

John MacArthur – Follow Me

John MacArthur – The Truth War

John MacArthur – A Tale Of Two Sons

John MacArthur – The Jesus You Can’t Ignore

James MacDonald – Lord Change Me

C. J. Mahaney – The Cross Centered Life

C. J. Mahaney – Living The Cross Centered Life

C. J. Mahaney – Sex, Romance, And The Glory Of God

Stephen Mansfield – The Search For God And Guinness

Albert Martin – Preaching In The Holy Spirit

Brad McCoy & Colt McCoy – Growing Up Colt

Mike McKinley – Church Planting Is For Wimps

Mike McKinley – Am I Really A Christian?

Erwin McManus – The Barbarian Way

Erwin McManus – Chasing Daylight

Erwin McManus – Wide Awake

Reggie McNeal – The Present Future

Eric Metaxas – Bonhoeffer

Jason Meyer – Preaching

Donald Miller – Through Painted Deserts

Donald Miller – Blue Like Jazz

Donald Miller – Searching For God Knows What

Donald Miller – To Own A Dragon

Paul E. Miller – A Praying Life

R. Albert Mohler Jr. – The Pastor As Theologian

R. Albert Mohler Jr. – Culture Shift

Daniel Montgomery & Mike Cosper – Faithmapping

Beth Moore – Jesus, The One And Only

Russell D. Moore – Tempted And Tried

Christopher Morgan – The Deity Of Christ

Patrick Morley – Pastoring Men

Jamie Munson – Money

Stephen J. Nichols – Welcome To The Story

H. Richard Niebuhr – Christ & Culture

Shannon O’Dell – Transforming Church

J. I. Packer – In My Place Condemned He Stood

Les Parrott – Crazy Good Sex

Darrin Patrick – Church Planter

Darrin Patrick & Matt Carter – For The City

Richard D. Phillips – What’s So Great About The Doctrines Of Grace?

Arthur W. Pink – The Seven Sayings Of The Saviour On The Cross

John Piper – Desiring God

John Piper – The Pleasures Of God

John Piper – The Supremacy Of God In Preaching

John Piper – Recovering Biblical Manhood &  Womanhood

John Piper – The Justification Of God

John Piper – Let The Nations Be Glad

John Piper – God’s Passion For His Glory

John Piper – Brothers, We Are Not Professionals

John Piper – The Passion Of Jesus Christ

John Piper – Seeing And Savoring Jesus Christ

John Piper – Beyond The Bounds

John Piper – Counted Righteous In Christ

John Piper – Sex & The Supremacy Of Christ

John Piper – Don’t Waste Your Life

John Piper – When I Don’t Desire God

John Piper – What’s The Difference

John Piper – John Calvin: His Passion For The Majesty Of God

John Piper – What Jesus Demands From The World

John Piper – The Supremacy Of Christ In A Postmodern World

John Piper – The Power Of Words And The Wonder Of God

John Piper – Spectacular Sins

John Piper – With Calvin In The Theater Of God

John Piper & D. A. Carson – The Pastor As Scholar & The Scholar As Pastor

John Piper – Bloodlines

John Piper – Finish The Mission

John Piper – Brothers, We Are Not Professionals (2013)

David Platt – Radical

David Platt – Radical Together

Chris Poblete – The Two Fears

Dave Ramsey – Financial Peace Revisited

Dave Ramsey – Total Money Makeover

Dino Rizzo – Servolution

Leland Ryken – The Legacy Of The King James Bible

Leland Ryken – The ESV And The English Bible Legacy

Philip G. Ryken – King Solomon

Phil Ryken – Loving The Way Jesus Loves

J. C. Ryle – A Call To Prayer

Fred Sanders – The Deep Things Of God

Mark Sayers – The Road Trip That Changed The World

R. C. Sproul – Acts

R. C. Sproul – Matthew

R. C. Sproul – Surprised By Suffering

Charles Spurgeon – Lectures To My Students

Charles Spurgeon – All Of Grace

Charles Spurgeon – Sermons On The Death And Resurrection Of Jesus

Andy Stanley – The Best Question Ever

Andy Stanley – The Principle Of The Path

Andy Stanley – How Good Is Good Enough?

Dick Staub – The Culturally Savvy Christian

Dick Staub – Too Christian Too Pagan

David Steele – The Five Points Of Calvinism

Ed Stetzer – Breaking The Missional Code

Ed Stetzer – Planting Missional Churches

Ed Stetzer – Lost and Found

Ed Stetzer – Comeback Churches

Ed Stetzer – Viral Church

Ed Stetzer – Transformational Church

Sam Storms – One Thing

Sam Storms & Justin Taylor – For The Fame Of God’s Name: Essays In Honor Of John Piper

John R. W. Stott – The Cross Of Christ

Alexander Strauch – If You Bite & Devour One Another

Ben Stroup – Church Giving Matters

Charles R. Swindoll – Jesus

Paul Tautges – Teach Them To Pray

Howard & Geraldine Taylor – Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret

Tullian Tchividjian – Surprised By Grace

Tullian Tchividjian – Jesus + Nothing = Everything

Tullian Tchividkian – Glorious Ruin

Choo Thomas – Heaven Is So Real

Scott Thomas – Gospel Coach

Joe Thorn – Note To Self

A. W. Tozer – The Radical Cross

Paul Tripp – Dangerous Calling

Tedd Tripp – Shepherding A Child’s Heart

Matthew Paul Turner – The Coffeehouse Gospel

David VanDrunen – Living In God’s Two Kingdoms

Various – Feed My Sheep: A Passionate Plea For Preaching

Adrian Warnock – Raised With Christ

Rick Warren – The Purpose Driven Church

Trevin Wax – Counterfeit Gospels

Donald Whitney – Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life

Mike Wilkerson – Redemption

Dallas Willard – The Divine Conspiracy

Dallas Willard – The Spirit Of The Disciplines

Douglas Wilson – Future Men

Jared C. Wilson – Gospel Wakefulness

Jared C. Wilson – Gospel Deeps

Jared C. Wilson – The Pastor’s Justification

Ravi Zacharias – I, Isaac Take Thee Rebekah

Ravi Zacharias – Light In The Shadow Of Jihad

Fred Zaspel – The Theology Of B.B. Warfield


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