A Cross-Shaped Gospel – Bryan Loritts

Sometimes things happen in life that wind up having a great impact on you.  Being asked to review A Cross-Shaped Gospel by Bryan Loritts was a recent remarkable thing for me.  I have to be honest before receiving a free copy from Moody Publishing for review I had never heard of this book.  I am not sure why that is though.  It is one of the best books I have recently read, and I read a lot.  This book contains many many hard hitting truths and never stops pushing forward the truth of the Gospel.  As I read through it I felt like I was in a prize fight with the author, and just when I thought I had fully understood the truth of a chapter I would get pounded again with a deep truth of how the Gospel should impact my actions.  The strength of this book is how the author connects one’s beliefs to one’s actions.  If we believe the truth of the Gospel, it should alter how we act and how we live.  It is not just a mental exercise, no it is something that should change all of our life.  This is the central truth that Loritts continues to drive home throughout the book.  I know you will be as blessed as I was by reading this book.


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