A Meal With Jesus – Tim Chester

I will admit I did not know what to expect when I started to read this book.  Was not really sure what it would be all about, but since I like to eat, a lot, and I love serving Jesus with my life I was intrigued by the title.  After just reading the introduction I was greatly challenged to reconsider some things about how I do ministry.  I saw that I had fallen into the trap of the Pharisees at times and was just looking to serve the righteous, not the sinner.  Chester shows how significant it was for Christ to come and dine with the worst of sinners very early on in the book.  Although I preach and teach about grace on a weekly basis, I was appalled to realize how little like Jesus I am in this area.  You see I love to eat, and have dinners with friends, but most of the time it is just with those most like me.  The good guys if you will.  I rarely, if ever, go outside of my comfort zone in this area.  I was hit with all of these thoughts in just the first few pages of the book as I read the introduction.

In chapter 1Chester continues the theme of meals being a form of grace.  Chapter two finds him point out the communal aspect of meals, and in chapter 3 he shows the hope that Jesus’ meals with others brought.  In chapter 4 Chester shows how we can eat missionaly, and let me just say I like this idea a lot!  Chapter 5 brings us to a look at the Lord’s supper and at how a meal can represent our salvation.  Chester closes the book with chapter 6 looking meals as a form of promise.

I do not want to give away all that the author says in the book, because this is definitely one you need to read and re-read for yourself.  The author is very faithful to scripture and challenges you to think more intentionally about eating and using it not just as a means to the end of nourishment , but as a way to spread the gospel of Christ.


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