Am I Called? The Summons To Pastoral Ministry – Dave Harvey

I think it was fitting for me to read Am I Called as I start on a brief career alteration.  You see I am spending the next several months in the sales world for several reasons.  First and foremost to pay off debt before I begin the church planting phase of my life.  Some other things are taking place by the nature of the job I am working, and those are further learning how to connect with people outside the church.  You see Bible Colleges and Seminaries do a tremendous job of teaching called men how to relate Biblical truths with those inside the church.  However to truly be effective in spreading the Gospel we have to take those truths and connect them to those outside the church as well.  Which is why I have from time to time come back into the secular work world and even more specifically the career sales world.

So that is the backdrop for me reading this new book by Dave Harvey.  In this book Harvey really explores the depths of the call to ministry and gives great practical advice to those that are called.  For me reading this book reaffirmed both my call and the journey I am on now.  One of the things that really stood out to me about this book was how overflowing and dripping it was with grace.  Harvey seeks to apply the Gospel and the truth of it to those called.  I have never come across a book that did that before.  I will hand out copies of this book to anyone that comes to me expressing a desire for ministry.  I know you will feel the same way after reading it.


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