But God – Casey Lute

Recently I read the book Cruciform Press book But God by Casey Lute. In the book Casey explores nine different passages of scripture that begin with the phrase “But God”. He looks at Genesis 8:1, Exodus 13:18, Nehemiah 9:17, Psalm 40:6-8, Romans 5:8, Acts 13:30, 1 Corinthians 1:27, Ephesians 2:4, and 2 Timothy 2:19. In doing so he explores the themes of God preserving humanity through Noah. God creating a nation when they cross the Red Sea. God then preserving that nation. He looks at God providing a better sacrifice for us by means of the Incarnation of Christ. Then Lute looks at how God, through the cross demonstrates the wonders of His love for His people. Then he examines how this phrase relates to the Resurrection, that glorious day when God raised Jesus from the dead. Next is God choosing the foolish and the weak through election. Followed by salvation as God brings life out of death and finally how we can persevere because of God’s firm foundation. Then he wraps all of it up with some final thoughts in chapter ten.

I have pretty much recapped the entire short book for you right here. So why should you still go get it and read it? Because the content of this book is so valuable and helpful in your daily walk and pursuit of Christ. So go get it, read it, underline and highlight. Make notes. Read not only the passages touched upon, but also those surrounding them to garner the whole context and to dive in deeper.

I received this book in ebook form from the publisher, Cruciform, for the purpose of review with no requirement to write a positive review.


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