Counterfeit Gospels – Trevin Wax

I recently picked up this book because I love to read about the Gospel.  I had never really heard much about it or the author, Trevin Wax.  I saw his name and the book title on a church planting network website of which I am affiliated and decided to check it out.  I was instantly intrigued because one of my favorite Gospel centered Pastors did the foreword to the book.  As I begin to read the book I was overwhelmed by the depth and clarity of it.  Not that I think the material was beyond the scope of the author, I just truly came to the book with no preconceived expectations.  Since starting to read the book I have done some research into the author and now follow him on Twitter, and have even engaged him briefly there.  I would now consider him one of my influences.  Isn’t that a mark of great book?  To start reading without any bias at all and to come away wanting to know more that the author has written on the subject.

Now for what makes the book so great.  It has a profound depth of knowledge on what is the Gospel, how it should be shared and what counterfeits are attacking it the most.  This depth is shared in a remarkably clear way.  It is easy to read this material and know this author is truly Gospel wakened (to steal that phrase from Jared Wilson).  Wax loves the Gospel and loves it too much to let it come under siege by the therapeutic gospel, judgmentless gospel, moralistic gospel, quietest gospel, activist gospel, or the churchless gospel.  Instead Wax says we need to see the Gospel for the three legged stool that it is and to share the Gospel story, proclaim the Gospel announcement, and to invite people into the Gospel community.

I doubt Mr. Wax wrote this book thinking it could cause some to alter their preaching styles, but as I read through I became convicted that I spent most of my time in Gospel proclamation, whether it be written or spoken.  I do some inviting to the Gospel community, but I leave the context of the Gospel story out by and large.  But in a culture that has lost grip of the real Gospel I can no longer do this, especially as I move from pastoring a traditional church to planting a church to go after the unchurched and the unreached.   I cannot assume that any of the people have any knowledge of the narrative of the Bible, and I cannot fail to invite them into the Gospel community.  The Gospel is the pronouncement of the Cross and the Resurrection but it does include the other two legs as well and I thank Trevin Wax for showing me that.


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