Die Young – Hayley & Michael DiMarco

I received an advance copy of this little book by the DiMarco’s from Crossway Publishers to review.  (I do want to state that I received the book for free but am not a paid endorser).  I read the book very quickly and had several thoughts from it.  First of all the book addresses something very basic in our Christian walk, the need to die to ourselves and let Christ live in us.  This is the call of Christ when He bids us to take up our cross and follow Him.  This is not an invitation to a fun-filled cruise, rather it is a call to come and die.  This is also the theme of much of the Apostle Paul’s letters.  So I am glad to see some modern day wordsmiths address this topic.  They tackle this notion of dying to oneself in a very articulate and Biblically faithful way.  They do this while interweaving their own stories through the book as well.  I will say that you do need to pay careful attention as you read through the book or you might get completely lost if you have turned the page and stumbled onto their personal narrative and not realized you have left the chapter you were just in.  However as long as you stay alert this interweaving does not distract from but rather enhances the book.  I highly recommend this forthcoming book to all of you.


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