Faithmapping – Daniel Montgomery & Mike Cosper

I have stated before that I am a fan of the current gospel-centered movement that is going on in Evangelical circles.  I will restate that fact today.  I am also a fan of a recent trend to bring a wholistic approach to this movement as seen in books by Kevin DeYoung, Greg Gilbert, and others. This book by Montgomery and Cosper is one of the most recent of those books.

The concept tackled in this book, the Gospel should inform and direct the whole of our our life, is not new or revolutionary. However it seems to have been somehow left out of the current gospel infused discussions.  That is the starting point for the authors in this book.

Daniel Montgomery and Mike Cosper are both pastors at Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky.  As the explore this issue of letting the Gospel direct your life they draw on their experience from planting Sojourn and pastoring there. They also draw from popular culture quite well.  I think this is one of the strengths of the books and an aspect that increases the readability of the material.  They also expound on scripture, in fact this is the starting place for all of their points, as it should be. They supplement this with input from quite a few leading pastors and theologians, such as John Ortberg, Dallas Willard, Tim Keller, and others.  The result of all of this is a book that is clear in its direction and very readable.  Now this does not mean the concepts in the book are easy to live out.  No, letting the Gospel take hold of all of your life is a struggle, that is why Paul uses the imagery of fighting the fight of faith and tells us to work out our faith with fear and trembling.  So putting to practice these things will be a challenge but Montgomery and Cosper have written a book that should help you along the way.  I encourage you to read this book, but to not just read it, rather pray through and journal as you go along.

I received this book in from the publisher, Crossway, for the purpose of review with no requirement to write a positive review.


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