For The Fame Of God’s Name: Essays In Honor Of John Piper – Sam Storms & Justin Taylor

The collection of essays in the book For The Fame Of God’s Name are a wonderful tribute to a man that has touched many lives for God in the past quarter century.  They do not seek to honor just John Piper though, no they go far beyond that to honoring and esteeming that which has driven Dr. Piper all these years.  And that is the fame of God’s name and His glory.  Some of the best of these essays are the short ones about Piper’s life at the beginning of the book.  In them you get to see a much fuller picture of his life and ministry and see him as much more than the Reformed rock star that lights up conferences and conventions around the globe.  You get to see his pastoral side and as a family man.  These roles have been what have driven Dr. Piper the most and knowing them more fully allows you to really understand him as a writer and preacher.  I have long admired and learned from John Piper but in reading this book I gained a new and deeper appreciation for the man that has sought God’s glory so fervently.  I know reading this book will do the same for you.


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