Gospel Deeps – Jared C. Wilson

There are times you finish reading a book and lament the time lost on that  particular’s author drivel.  There are other times you finish a book and think well that was nice and move on never to remember it.  There are other times when you think information will enhance my life in some way.  There are other books you never really quit reading.  I do not mean that you cannot finish the books rather I mean you never stop reading and re-reading it.  I have heard Tim Keller say that he never knows how to answer when someone asks him how many times he has read Tolkien’s works, because he has never stopped reading them.  I feel like Wilson is that way for me.  I had never heard of him before Gospel Wakefulness last fall.  I purchased that book in late October, and by Christmas had read it 3 times.  I have read it twice more this year and may read it again next month.  I was able to obtain an early copy of Gospel Deeps in pdf form and will still purchase a physical copy when it comes out.  The truths in this volume resonate with me that much.

If in Gospel Wakefulness Wilson showed us the width of the Gospel by driving home the point that the Gospel is much much more than just that which saves us as he taught us that the Gospel is also what sanctifies, then in Gospel Deeps Wilson becomes our Tumnus leading us into the vast expanse that is our reality as we grow in Gospel sanctification.  Wilson does this on a very deep level but Gospel Deeps never reads as a Seminary text book rather Wilson is able to convey profound scriptural truth in a storytelling manner, often reverting to the language of Lewis and Tolkien to somehow portray the greatness of God.

I could go chapter by chapter and recap this work for you, but I do not want to rob you of the chance to read this work on your own.  Read it and soak in the truth continually.  It may be a book to only read once for you, but the truth in it is truth to never leave behind.

I received this book from Crossway Books for the purpose of reviewing it and am not required to post a positive review.


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