Heaven Is For Real – Todd Burpo

I first had this book recommended to me just about a year ago by a deacon in the church I then Pastored.  Although I read a lot, most of the time 1-3 books a week, I never took the time to read this one.  Why?  Because I easily admit that I am a complete and total skeptic when it comes to “going to heaven” experiences.  My parents, however, bought this book as a present for my wife and me this past Christmas.  So I decided to go ahead and read it.  I finished it in right at 2 hours.  It is an easy read, save the constant emotional pull of some of the content.

As I read I wanted to find things to rip apart and use to say that book should not be read at all.  Yet I never found it.  Yes there are a couple of things that make you go “what?” in the book, like he only spent 3 minutes in heaven and experienced so much, and everyone has wings when scripture tells us people do not become angels at death.  But there was never that big OMG moment of finding something that greatly contradicts Scripture.  In contrast I think Heaven Is So Real by Choo Thomas had one of those on every page at a minimum.  So I am left not really knowing what to do with this book.  I did enjoy reading it.  I think you would too.  But is it helpful and beneficial to the faith? I don’t know.  Could it be a complete and total fraud?  Yes it could; I hope it isn’t but it could be.  Could it be partially true but greatly embellished?  Definitely, many pastors are sadly known for how they enhance things from stories to numbers.  Could it be completely and totally accurate?  Yes it could.  I think you should read it for yourself and prayerfully decide what you think.


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