Jesus + Nothing = Everything – Tullian Tchividjian

I was excited several months ago when I first heard this book was coming out.  My excitement grew after I heard Tullian speak about some of this material both via podcast and in person.  I was excited when I had the opportunity to get a copy before the official release date, and was excited when it came in the mail.  Now with all this, uhm what would you call it…excitement, you might think the actual book could have been a letdown.  I mean it still could have been a good book, but with how I had hyped it in my mind.  Let me just say that it exceeded my expectations.  Far exceeded them.

Most pastor-authors write from one of two places, a deep personal level full of emotion and feelings, or from a deeply theological mindset.  Rare is the author or can accomplish both.  Now some pastors that write may have a book that is more emotion, then one that is more feeling.  Few accomplish both in the same book.  Tullian Tchividjian does just that in Jesus + Nothing = Everything.  He openly and honestly deals with many things that happened to him but does so with a theological clarity and conviction that is moving.  I thank God for using him like that.

In the book Tullian continually brings everything back to the Gospel and to our need for Christ.  After all what is greater than our need for Christ.  He talks about the now power of the Gospel, and does so in a way that drives the reader to lay down all their idols for the surpassing greatness that is Christ.  At the end of reading this book you will definitely be a different person, hopefully one more in love with Jesus and His Grace for you in the here and now.


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