Living Zealously – Joel R. Beeke & James A. La Belle

I remember listening to a message via a compact disc from a popular college ministry conference over a decade ago, this was long before podcasts, and the speaker was saying that she had been told she would outgrow her zeal for Christ.  I was an idealistic young college student at the time and I was appalled at this.  So was this speaker, who at that time was approaching middle age and had still not outgrown her zeal.  I am now knee deep in my mid-thirties, married, a son, a daughter on the way and experiencing all the pressures of adulthood and I am still just as shocked at the absurd counsel this person had received in her younger years.  Now I am sure that the person/s that had shared this advice were well meaning and well intentioned.  I don’t lay the blame on them.  Rather I blame the culture we have created where it is seen as normal to be a passive and uninvolved Christian.

This topic is what this short book by Beeke & La Belle is all about.  I do encourage you to read it and to let it stretch you and grow you deeply.  I pray we all become more zealous in our faith.


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