Loving The Way Jesus Loves – Phil Ryken

We all know 1 Corinthians 13 as the love chapter in the Bible.  We are familiar with it; some of you can more than likely even quote it from memory.  This chapter was the content of the first sermon I ever wrote.  I was a junior in high school and we were on a trip to a basketball tournament and during the boring days in the hotel I spend some time sitting by the indoor pool with my study Bible and a commentary I had borrowed from my Dad breaking down this chapter and writing out a sermon.  It was a great time for me, it was mid February and had snowed lightly the day we left for the tournament and a significant winter storm was predicted for the weekend, so even though the pool was heated no one was swimming and it was a quiet place to study.  We know this passage, we get it.

In Loving The Way Jesus Loves Phil Ryken though decides to take a much different approach to this chapter.  He uses it to show us how Jesus lived and loved.  He does so in a way that challenges you and causes you to think differently about things.  As I read and thought back to preparing that first sermon I realized I might have been exegeting the text as well as my 16 year old mind could, but by isolating myself in the abandoned pool area and not spending time with my teammates I was not living out the text.  That is what Ryken gets at here, there is a big difference between understanding and knowing this text and having it take out of our heart and living it out.  I recommend for you to grab this book, grab a pen and your Bible and enjoy reading.


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