Preaching – Jason Meyer

I recently read Preaching by Jason Meyer. I try to always read with a completely open mind and I did so with this book. I did not try to go in with any preconceived notions or expectations. However if I had started this book with extremely high expectations I still would have been blown away. This book completely altered the way I look at preaching through all of scripture. There are several things that leap off of the pages of this book. One is how devoted to quality exposition of God’s word that Meyer is. He loves God’s Word. He loves sharing it and teaching it. He wants others to share in this love and to be continually growing in their ability to preach God’s Word. A second thing that leaps off the pages is how committed to basing his ideas in God’s Word the author is. He backs everything with scripture and shows his points through faithful exposition of God’s Word. This makes this a book that is easy to read yet challenging. It makes this a book that everyone that is involved in teaching the Bible needs to read. I hope you will read it.

I received this book from the publisher, Crossway, for the purpose of review with no requirement to write a positive review.


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