Surprised By Grace – Tullian Tchividjian

Surprised By Grace subtitled God’s Relentless Pursuit of Rebels is an in depth look at the short prophetical book of Jonah.  Drawing heavily from Calvin’s classic commentary on the book as well as artistic attempts to portray the miraculous events it contains, Tchividjian seeks to put the reader in the place of Jonah and in doing so show our need for grace.

I read through this book differently than I do most.  Most books I read I start and finish in the same day or in two to three days at most.  However since I was reading this book while preaching through the book of Jonah I read a chapter a week for almost 2 months.  I must say that I never felt lost when picking the book back up after a week.  Tchividjian does an excellent job of making the book very readable.

Tchividjian seeks to point all the events of Jonah to the cross and show the reader that the ultimate fulfilling of Jonah is found in Jesus.  He also shows that our need for grace is only fulfilled in the cross of Jesus.  Tchividjian also points out that the cross is not just a one-time decision for Christians, but one we must go back to daily to live a life dead to sin.

As I flipped back through the book this morning to write this review I found very few pages did not have passages underlined, highlighted, noted or marked in some way.  I would highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to better understand their salvation and the mystery of Grace.


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