The 3rd Alternative – Stephen R. Covey

I recently read The 3rd Alternative by Stephen Covey and thought I would review it here for you.  I have read several of his books and been familiar with his work for some time.  I think a lot of his stuff is great when it comes to the business world, especially this principle of synergy and a transcendental way beyond the normal win-lose paradigm in which we all function.  However I am not sure this principle really translates well to the world of ministry.  To be successful in living out the 3rd alternative one has to live with a sort of looseness about what matters most and always be willing to give in to find that 3rd way.  This simply cannot be when it comes to the matters of the faith.  We need to hold them tightly and affirm their veracity and relevance whenever possible.  I do think some of this material is useful when it comes to dealing with other staff or volunteer leaders in regards to methodology and side issues.  However we should never never employ this tool when it comes to the historic doctrines of our faith.  We need to be willing to die for them and always stand for them.


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