The Biblical Counseling Movement After Adams – Heath Lambert

Lambert has done the Biblical counseling movement such a huge service.  To really understand where something is headed you really do need to know where it has been.  That is what Adams does with this book.  He starts long before the work of Jay Adams and really shows what the transpired before the world of Biblical Counseling even became a thing.  Then beginning with Adams he really sets out to show how this movement has grown and developed since Adams.  He does this in a very thorough and remarkable way.  You cannot read this book and come away not knowing the history and the development of Biblical counselors.

Throughout the telling of this journey of the Biblical counseling, Lambert does a great job of showing the good, the bad, and how things of grown.  He does not write as either just a critic or a fanboy.  He really does examine this history of Biblical counseling and shows where things have improved, where they were great to begin with, and where there is still need for development.  Being able to do that is a mark of a good writer.  A final thing that Lambert does well is showing that this book is for anyone involved in ministry, not just counselors.  So go get this book and read it, it will help you be able to help others well.


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