The Big Idea – Dave Ferguson

I will admit that I do not like most books about how to do church by mega-church pastors.  I think they are full of fluff and generally just try to get the reader to copy what they are doing, when that may or may not be the best thing for their context.  I would rather have people just read the Bible and apply it to their situation.  Also I think a lot of these books are way to seeker friendly and theologically and doctrinally shallow.  However I do like this book.  It definitely fits the above description, yet I find a lot in it that is useful.  The over-riding concept of having everything on Sunday connect and make one big point is a great thing.  I like this book so much that I am taking my staff and leadership team through it.  Now I am adding a lot to the discussion and tweaking things for our local church.  I think you can get a lot out of this book if you read it with a grain of salt and remember to apply things in a way that makes sense where you are.


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