The Good Life – Trip Lee

Today I want to review the book The Good Life by Trip Lee.  Lee is a well known Christian Hip Hop Artist and this is his first book.  I must say that it is a rather remarkable book.  It is short but deep and impactful.  In the book Lee mixes personal stories with deep Biblical truth to drive home the point that the good life is not found in anything culture esteems but rather in the pursuit of Christ.  I appreciate the clarity and conviction with which Lee writes and even shares his own story and struggles.  I also appreciate that this is not just a concept or idea that Lee has heard about or thinks is true, no it is one he has embraced and chosen to live out, as evidenced by his commitment to entering the Pastoral ministry one day and walking away from his music career.  For him it is about making much of Jesus, not being famous.

As I read this book I started to get worried and concerned that those that most need to read this book will more than likely never pick up a copy.  Then as I read more and more I realized that I needed to hear the truth of this book.  You see the liberating truths of the Gospel are as much for the believer as it is for the non-believer.  We need to be continually driven back to the cross.

So while I do pray this book finds its way to those enslaved by the false promises of the hip hop culture I also know that the truths of it are timeless and meaningful for all of us.


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