The Gospel As Center – D.A. Carson & Timothy Keller

The Gospel Coalition has put out 14 great little booklets that state their position on different matters.  This book, The Gospel As Center, is a collection of all of that material.  They pull together a great collection of writers that really explore their different subject areas very thoroughly.  They always come back to the gospel being the center of all that we do in ministry and in life.  I was greatly challenged by this.  Too often in life and in ministry we can come up with great and grand schemes that seem right to us, but many times they are not really centered in or rooted in the Gospel.  We need to always be checking ourselves in this area, and these 14 chapters in this book provide a great way to do just that.  This is a great book not only for pastors and other church staff members, but for all believers.  It will take you deeper and deeper into your faith and it will challenge you to make the Gospel the center of all you do in life.  I encourage you to pick up this book and take your time with it, it will really deepen your faith if you do, I know it did that for mine.


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