The Hole In Our Holiness – Kevin DeYoung

I like Kevin DeYoung.  I have greatly enjoyed all of his books that I have read so far.  The Hole In Our Holiness was no different.  The author, much like me, is a fan and proponent of the Gospel Centered movement that has gripped Evangelicalism.  However much like any trend, even this Gospel one can have its flaws and drawbacks when taken to an extreme level and pushed to a form of legalism.  This is what DeYoung is addressing in this book.

DeYoung argues, rightfully so I believe, that the reason for this lies at a heart level and that it its root is self-righteousness.  We want to do it all on our own.  We negate the power and work of the Holy Spirit, even while pushing Gospel, Gospel, Gospel all day long, we try to do it on our own abilities.  Wow!  We are jacked up.  We need to relax and rely on the power of the Holy Spirit.  This is the driving point of this book.  I will admit that growing up in the SBC I have an unhealthy tendency to draw back at the first mention of the Holy Spirit.  Tragically there has long been a distrust of teaching about the Holy Spirit in this and other similar protestant traditions.  So I welcome all conversations and dialogue that pushes forth the truth about the Holy Spirit.  I hope you do as well, and that you read this book.

I received a copy of this book from Crossway for the purpose of review, I am not required to give it a positive review.


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