The Poverty Of Nations – Wayne Grudem & Barry Asmus

I recently read through The Poverty Of Nations by Wayne Grudem and Barry Asmus.  I took longer than normal to do so because I really wanted to give this book a thorough read.  I wanted to drink deep from the authors perspectives and combined wisdom.  I will say upfront that this work challenged and pushed me.  There was definitely a point during the second chapter, where the authors repeatedly stated their desire for nations to produce more goods and services that I wanted to throw the book across the room and walk away from it.  It was not that I did not agree with their points (I agreed with some and disagreed with others).  Rather it was the overkill of that one phrase that just seemed too much for me.  I will say it was effective though.  As I read through the rest of the book it gave me a lens through which to view everything.  The repetition drove home the key point so well that it was never far from my mind throughout the  reading of the book.

I do wish the authors had interacted with scripture more and used it more of a starting place.  However they are clear upfront how the book will be structured and what will be done and what will not.  So while I might have wished that I was not surprised by the lack of it.  All in all I think this is a very valuable group and one that should be worked through in community with other believers.


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