Welcome To The Story – Stephen J. Nichols

This is an excellent book about the nature of scripture.  Learning to love and understand God’s word so that is makes a lasting impact that changes your life requires more than just simply saying you will read it.  You need to learn how to read the different parts, learn how the various types of writing and the different books relate to one another and the overall picture of God’s redemption of mankind.  Then you need to learn how to apply all of this to your life.  These are the issues discussed in this book by Stephen J. Nichols.  He takes you beyond your eyes moving across pages of scripture to a point of absorbing the information in context, to loving the Word of God, to applying it to life.

Nichols informs the reader that the Bible is a story, but it is not a story ultimately about us.  Yes, it is about our creation, our sin, and our redemption, but all of that is just a bit of the greater story about God and His Heart and His plan.  Knowing this changes the way we read the Bible, and it changes how we apply the Bible to our lives.  Learning to read the Bible as more than just isolated teachings and stories, and coming to see it as an entire story about God changes our lives entirely, and increases our love for the scripture.  That is the point of this book and it is why you should go and read it.


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