You Lost Me – David Kinnaman

I did not purchase this book, I received it free in the mail, and I am glad that was the case.  I think the book has solid research and the conclusions are built off of that research well.  However I am not sure that building a church based on the likes or desires of a single generation is responsible.  I have come to the point in my ministry where I see no need to add anything to the Bible when it comes to the church and teaching the truths of God.  Do we need certain churches to reach certain people only and other churches over here to reach a completely different type of person?  Or do we just need Biblical churches committed to sharing the Gospel with all and roll with that concept?  I say we need the latter.  We do not need more affinity or ethnic churches (where that ethnicity is fluent in English).  We just need Biblical Gospel centered churches.  So read this book if you want to always be chasing the latest research and methods and trends.  But if you just want to build a Biblical church pass on this.


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